Step by Step to Create a Bootable Windows 7 on Pendrive

By | January 6, 2014

Creating a bootable Windows 7 installation on USB pendrive actually very easy just needed a tool and the 4 easy steps to create your own Windows 7 installation files on pendrive and then you can use it to install windows on a computer or notebook.

In addition to using the DVD you can install Windows 7 by using pendrive media, to be able to use pendrive as the installation media you have to make the install file first and at this time I will share step by step how to create a Windows 7 installation files on a USB pendrive.

Some things you need to prepare to make the Windows 7 installation files on the flash:

  • ISO files windows 7
  • Windows 7 USB DVD Tool That can be downloaded for free HERE
  • A Flashdisk premises at least 4 GB capacity
  • A computer or laptop with a minimum OS Windows XP or higher

After everything you have prepared it is time to start making bootable windows 7 on pendrive.

  • Install to finish Windows 7 USB DVD tool that you downloaded earlier
  • Once completed please open installed windows 7 USB DVD tool 
  • In step 1 please click browse to find the windows 7 iso file you have, if you have found, please click next

  • In the phase 2 please select the USB device that has a USB port you plug it in


  • Until the start of stage 3 clicks Copying, a confirmation window will appear to erase the contents of pendrive please click Erase USB Device
  • at step 4 copying process will start soon and please wait until it completes

If the copying process has reached 100% then it is likely that the process of making a bootable Windows 7 has been completed and is now your pendrive contains the boot files of windows 7 that you can use to install computers using pendrive media.

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