PC cleaner Pro 2015 v15.0 Full version

By | February 9, 2015

PC Cleaner Pro

Today I will share free full version software called PC Cleaner Pro 2015 v15., This software allows you to clean the hard drive of your PC from a variety of useless files and free up valuable hard disk space. Clean up junk files and improve the performance of your PC, this software is similar with CCleaner but have different features.

PC Cleaner Pro 2015 is also able to stop the processes running in forced you want to stop, clean up junk files generated by browsers such as cache, history and traces the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and other browsers quickly and easily.

Additionally For cleaning software, PC cleaner pro is also a powerful tool and can protect your PC from malware attacks, viruses and malicious spyware, this software also offers a Windows security by improving the existing vulnerabilities in Windows.

Key Features PC Cleaner Pro 2015

According to the official website Pccleaner.com, can we get the 6 main features offered by PC Cleaner PRO 2015 which are as follows:

  1. Fix your PC: With secure, PC cleaner Pro will scan your PC and make improvements to a damaged windows registry.
  2. Speed up PC: PC cleaner pro will do complate tweaks and help improve the performance of your PC.
  3. Removing Malware: Cleaning malware that can cause permanent damage to the PC.
  4. Privacy Protection: Protects your privacy by cleaning up the history and traces of the browser.
  5. System Optimizer: This is a quick way to adjust the system settings.
  6. Cleaning system PC: Clean all junk files that burden the system.

Apart from being a reliable cleaner software, PC Cleaner Pro 2015 also helps you to protect important data and improve PC performance to get the best performance, I think this is a cleaner software with comprehensive features and easy to use.

Get PC Cleaner Pro 2015 full version with serial key that I have provided in the download package. Get all the features provided and enjoy PC faster and more secure as promised by PC Cleaner Pro.

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