How to make a hard drive partition Quickly and easily

By | January 7, 2014

There are various ways to partition the hard drive, but this time I will share the easiest and fastest way to make a disk partition without using the help of the software but using the default Windows computer management applications.

Creating a new partition on the hard drive does not need to be specially expertise and also easy way, by following tutorial I will share to you all about how to create a disk partition quickly and easily.

I share this tutorial that you can apply on the version of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

And here is how to partition the hard drive without the software that you need to follow the step by step so that you can make a disk partition.

  • Right-click My Computer on the desktop -> Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management display will look like this

  • Please select the hard drive you want to partition by right click and select shrink volume 

  • Wait a minute until it appears as shown below, then specify the amount of capacity that you create partitions “can not exceed the capacity of the volume that has been available” then click srink 

  • Your new partition will be visible but at this stage are known as unallocated partition please right click and select new simple volume 

  • Then just click Next -> Next -> Next -> Finish
  • Up here the disk partition you’ve finished 

It turned out very easily create a disk partition without using the software, after you follow this tutarial then you can make a disk partition, do the same if you want to create a disk partition again.

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