DU Speed Booster Pro v2.3.0 Cracked apk

By | March 6, 2015

DU speed booster 2.3.0A few days ago DU Speed booster has been updated to the latest version, most brand-new version that you can have at this time is DU Speed Booster v2.3.0 cracked apk, you can have  DU Speed booster pro latest version full mod for free full version to download at the link I have provided.

DU speed booster apk v2.3.0 latest version 2015 has been renewed and have the latest optimizations that have been developed. If you have an android smartphone that starts to slow down, immediately download and install the DU Speed Booster and feel the difference significant.

Smartphone slow is the biggest problem faced by users android gadgets nowadays, especially when used to run heavy games or applications will increasingly apparent slow performance, you need a super application that is able to make the android phones can run fast like new. This is where the presence of DU Speed booster will help you.


Cool Features DU Speed Booster 2.3.0 apk


  1. Game Booster: able to increase the speed of game play
  2. Speed Accelerator: Speed up your android gadget when it is used to open the heavy application
  3. Trash Cleaner: Clean junk files on the phone and memory card as well as speed up your smartphone
  4. Advanced App Manager: Makes your storage space clean and organized
  5. antivirus scanner
  6. permission manager
  7. Support multi language


New at DU Speed Booster 2015


  • More comprehensive detection capabilities to further optimize and speed up your mobile phone.
  • Support with 17 different languages
  • Some detail Improved optimization

Immediately get DU speed Booster 2.3.0 cracked apk and get more optimal speed on android gadgets, open the app and game play so much faster and more stable than ever before.

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