an easy way to restore permanently deleted files

By | January 31, 2014

How to restore and recover data lost due to deleted permanently either intentionally or unintentionally is actually very easy, of course, for those of you who already know and understand how to restore the lost data. And this time I will share about how to restore and recover deleted data permanently.

Tutorial how to restore lost data and deleted permanently files using the help of an artificial Piriform Recuva free software, you can download it and read about Recuva in my previous article, or click here.

Recuva is a software that serves to restore deleted files permanently, whether due to emptying the recycle bin, formatted, system crashes or is lost due to a virus that attacks your computer.

Here’s an easy way to restore deleted files permanently with Recuva:

  • First of all, please download and install the latest version of Recuva 2014
  • After the installation is complete please open Recuva by double clicking on the desktop icon Recuva.
  • This will bring up a window welcome to the recuva wizard Please click next.

  • Recuva wizard window choose the type of file to be in recovery, if the file various types then just select all files.

  • Further define the file location if you remember and know for sure the location of the file is missing, if unsure choose the course I’am not sure.

  • Recuva wizard has been completed and it is time you look for the lost files by click start.

  • The search process will soon be underway wait until the search process is completed.
  • After completion of the search process, choose which files will be restored to provide a check list of the files to be restored, then you click to recover.

  • After that you will be asked to specify where to store the files you want to restore and then click OK 
  • The process of recovery will take place soon wait until the end.

The duration of the data recovery process is very dependent on how many and how large the file is restored, this means more and larger files are restored it will take a long time.

When finished the process of return the lost data, please check your data in the folder you chose to save the recovered data, then you will find the missing files had been returned intact.

Up here the tutorial an easy way to restore deleted files permanently, hopefully useful for those of you that need.

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