All About Rumors and Leaks Samsung Galaxy S5

By | January 21, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 in a few months it will be launched, as well as superior product that will be launched has been a lot of rumors and leaked on the internet on samsung’s latest flagship smartphone.

According to some sources that I have gained and trustworthy, samsung S5 smartphone will be equipped with the latest features and is the most advanced smartphones and worth the wait and is owned by the lovers of Samsung products.

In this article I will tell you some leaks about the features and technologies that are likely to be embedded in samrtphone samsung galaxy S5.

The following are the various leaks that are circulating the internet about samsung S5 according to the news will be launched in this April.

# Samsung Galaxy S5 will be equipped with a 20 MP camera

A latest rumor says that the samsung galaxy S5 will be equipped with a 20 MP camera with a larger than its predecessor Galaxy S4 using a 13 MP camera.

According the main galaxy S5 camera is capable of supporting video recording in 4K quality (Ultra High Definition)

# Galaxy S5 can be controlled by head movements

This feature allows the user be able to open the S5 galaxy lock screen just by moving your head like, nodding, winking eye and eyebrow movements. The movement will be tracked by the front camera smartphones.

# Screen Galaxy S5: 5.25 inch wide

It is estimated that the latest samsung will use the 5:25 inch wide screen with QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Most likely the screen used is AMOLED type.

# Galaxy S5 with 2 versions of plastic and metal

According to rumors that have circulated widely Galaxy S5 will be launched in two variants, namely the plastic version and metallic version.

# Galaxy S5 Price

According to news circulating galaxy S5 price is estimated at 650 pounds of plastic and metal version is priced at 800 pounds.

All the rumors and leaks about samsung galaxy S5 is probably true and also could be just rumors, but at least this article can provide you with the intention of buying samsung latest generation.

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